The Collection

The DAS collection contains unique NFTs of architects who died before the year 2000. Each NFT gives exclusive membership to the Dead Architects Society.

Minting for the first 100 pieces is now open here.

The Images
Each piece is a unique (1/1) image of a renowned architect created from scratch. Each piece is composed of a subtle and unique combination of colours.

The Attributes
Each NFT has attributes that help to determine its rarity. The attributes included in the metadata include: name, sex (male/female), country of birth, year of death, century active, selected work, and soubriquet.

Entry criteria
We’ve chosen the first 100 architects in the collection based on the rules below.

  • Must have a completed building with sole attribution as the designer.
  • Must be renowned in some way, through critical appraisal, historical documentation, and subjective quality of their work.
  • There is no restriction on styles. From gothic to renaissance, art nouveau to modernist, and everything else in between; if it’s good, it’s in.
  • We are aiming to create a diverse collection of architects from different backgrounds, time periods and countries. However, there will not be quotas and architects will be selected on merit.
  • These are not hard and fast rules. Exceptions can be applied.