NFTs are a new form of digital artwork and should not be thought of as an investment opportunity. There are many risks involved in buying an NFT and Dead Architects Society (the ‘creator(s)’) accepts no responsibility for any of these risks whether through negligence, accident or action by third parties. Examples of things that could go wrong that Dead Architects Society takes no responsibility for:

  • The smart contract might not work property or might be compromised by a malicious third party, or user error by the creators. This may mean that you do not receive the tokens you expected to, or they are subsequently lost or damaged in some way.
  • You might make a mistake when minting or transferring tokens.
  • You might lose access to your wallet or have tokens stolen from your wallet in some way.
  • The Ethereum blockchain as a whole might be compromised meaning your tokens cannot be accessed or become worthless.
  • Your tokens might decline in value or become unsellable.
  • Or any number of other things. This list is not exhaustive.

Basically, if you are planning to buy tokens because you are hoping to make money or ‘get rich quick’, stop. If you want to buy tokens because you like the artwork and mission of the community, then proceed (with all the usual cautions that come with an NFT project).

The Roadmap, forward looking statements, comments on social media and in the press etc. –>

Our roadmap is constantly evolving based on community participation, and like any project, is subject to change. Nothing we say on our website (or elsewhere) constitutes a promise or contractual obligation. We will do our best to ensure that we complete our roadmap and that any changes are to the benefit of the community. However, we cannot guarantee that what we include on the roadmap today will be completed, in a specific timeframe, or indeed ever. The best way to make the roadmap happen is to be an active member of the community and support the project.